Friday, May 4, 2018

"In The Pink" Mixed Media Canvas

Hi everyone!  Do you find that you have a lot of "stuff" that you just don't know what to do with?  I sure do, and so I'm trying to use up some of this "stuff" that has been collecting dust for years.

In today's video tutorial, I made a mixed media canvas using up some tacks from the office supply, some molded embellishments from my stash, and lots and lots of flowers I've collected over the years.  I also used five different colors of pink ColourArte Primary Elements powdered pigments to colorize the background.  

I hope you will get some inspiration from my video and think about some of the things you have that would make some cool texture in your next mixed media project.


ColourArte Supplies Used:

Primary Elements
  Playful Peony
  Rose Gold
  Hopeful Honeysuckle
  Apple Blossom
  Rose Petal
  Nutty Oak
  Burnt Umber
  Bolivian Blue
  China Black

Butternut Radiant Rains Shimmering Mist

Other Supplies Used:

8x10 Canvas
Thumb Tacks
Paper Flowers 
Faber-Castell Texture Gems - Gold
Assorted Brushes and Spatulas
Silicone Molds (Art Molds)(Martha Stewart)
Lumina Jewelry Clay (Activa)
PermaStone Plaster (Activa)
DecoArt Media White Crackle Paste
Liquitex white gesso
Krylon Clear Coat spray sealer
Aged Brass Metallique wax (Prima)
White Paint Pen
Sharpie Black Marker

I hope you enjoyed today's project and have been inspired to make a mixed media canvas of your own.  Thanks so much for stopping by and spending some of your valuable time with me.  Have a fabulous, creative day!



  1. I watched a video you did with Yupo paper What solution did you use in the second paper?

  2. I was using a mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part ColourArte's wash medium called The Solution. It turns the Primary Elements powdered pigments into watercolors if used straight, but you can use more water if you are using it as a mist, and the binder is in it so the pigments won't rub off. Here is the link to that video again. I hope this helps. Thanks Bonnie!