Friday, June 2, 2017

How to Transform a Plastic Hand Mirror from the Dollar Store

Hi everyone.  Do you ever shop the Dollar Store and see things that look pretty if only they were not made of plastic?  Something that would make a great gift if only it wasn't so cheap?  Those were my thoughts when I saw this embossed hand mirror.  Follow along with my video to see how I transformed this simple piece to look more expensive and pretty using ColourArte Vivid Ultra Metallics .  It even felt good in my hands when I was finished, and no one would ever suspect it was made of plastic.

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I hope you enjoyed this project and are inspired enough to give it a try.  Christmas is just around the corner, and I am sure this will be a big hit.  Change up the colors to suit your recipient.  So check out all the colors offered at ColourArte.  

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