Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to Make Molded Embellishments Continued: Reveal Molded Pieces

Hi everyone.  Barbara  here again with a quick continuation of my previous video about making molded pieces with ColourArte Vivid Ultra Metallics and Radiant Gels.  

I left off with this mold containing Pink Azalea Vivid, but it wasn't dry enough for me to remove it to show you how pretty it is and all the details it captures.  So, it is a few days later now and, as I promised, here is a quick reveal of it and how it looks coming out of the mold.

A couple of still photo close-ups for you.  As you can see, all of the detail is captured in the paint.  And the really cool thing about these are that they are very flexible, unlike some paper and polymer clays that become very stiff when dry.  Then there is plaster, which will not bend at all.  These have the flexibility to wrap around jars, ornaments, bowls, glasses, tin cans, you name it.  

And this is one of the three that I first dusted inside the mold with Primary Elements Gold Nugget before pouring the Vivid paint into it.  It left this beautiful highlight and even better, the Primary Elements pigment will not rub off.  Another plus, I think.

ColourArt Supplies Used:
Vivid Ultra Metallics
  Pink Azalea
  Olive Vine
  Emperor's Gold
  Coral Berry
Primary Elements
  Golden Nugget

Other Products Used:

Silicone Molds

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!