Monday, July 22, 2013

Barbara's Creative Paperclay® July Tips

Hey there, Creative Paperclay® fans.  Barbara here to share with you this month's tips and techniques.  A few weeks ago, I shared my rosewater bottle that I decorated with roses made using Creative Paperclay®.  As I was making these roses, I realized I had a few more tips to pass along.  

First of all, when you push these small pieces of Paperclay® onto your craft sheet, they are quite thin and want to stick.  

I found that the easiest way to scoop these petals up without distorting them is slip a simple piece of card stock beneath the clay.  This worked extremely well.  No need to go out and buy an expensive spatula when you probably already have card stock on your desk right now. 

However, sometimes tools are good to have, especially when you can use a coupon from your local craft store.  I found this clay tool in my local craft store that had several tips, two of which were rubber shapes.  I found the rubber shapes made it quite easy to, not only neaten the edges of my leaves, but I could also smooth out any crack lines.  I also used it to make the veins.   I have to say it really made the whole process so very easy and fun.

When rolling out a long strand of clay, such as this, you need to use the heel of your palm to keep it even and stretch it out as you roll your clay back and forth.  Move in a back and forth, side to side,  motion to continue stretching the strand. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips and can put them to good use when working on your next Creative Paperclay® project.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and please be sure to visit the Creative Paperclay blog and online store to see what is new, and what the fabulous design team are making to share with you.  And I would love it if you would visit my blog at Black Hole Art Studio to see some of my other work.

Have a wonderful and creative week!


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