Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Robin's Nest & Smoothfoam Blog Hop

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Robin's Nest & Smoothfoam Ornament blog hop, with our co-sponsor, Smoothfoam, who sent us these awesome ornaments to decorate for Christmas.  These two products work very well together, and I really enjoyed playing with them this month.  I opted to make a frame to hold this photo of my brother and me sitting on Santa's lap.  I do not like many pictures of myself, but I think we were a couple of cute kids, nonetheless.  This is one of my favorite Christmas photos.

Supplies used:

The Robin's Nest:  Black and White Glitter PIne Tree CS,  Christmas Trees Glitter CSRed Distressed CS, Snow Covered Glitter Trees CS, Gold Glitter Swirl on Creme CSClassified Mini Dew Drops (silver), Metallic Silver Dew DropsGum Drops Tear Dew DropsJade Diamond Dew DropsIndigo Diamond Dew DropsAquatic Green Mini Dew Drops
Snowflake ornament, Wreath ornament, Tree (Smoothfoam)
Bookbinding or white glue
Chipboard Frame
White gesso
Metallic Garnet Red, Metallic Peridot acrylic paint (Folk Art)
Holly punch (McGill)
Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls Mist (Ranger)
Metallic Green Maya Mist
Fresh Lime Dylusions spray ink


Cover chipboard frame with Black and White Glitter PIne Tree.
Lay frame, right side down, onto reverse side of paper
Miter corners & wrap excess around to back of frame
To finish off the inside frame, cut an "X" through the paper.
Cut an "X" on the paper inside the center of  the frame
 Trim and turn the edges inward.
Back of Frame
Front of frame
Paint Smoothfoam wreath ornament with white gesso, allow to dry.  Paint ornament with red and green metallic paints.
Cut out Red Distressed CS in shapes similar to those in photo to make a bow.  Glue to bow portion of wreath.

Punch approximately 20-25 holly leaves from reverse (green) side of Black and White Glitter PIne Tree CS.  Glue around top portion of wreath.

Add  Metallic Silver Dew Drops and a few silver botanicals, as shown.  Spray gold mist over the entire wreath and allow to dry.  Dry brush Metallic Peridot and Metallic Red over holly leaves and bow.
The tree ornament I turned into a free-standing piece to place with my frame.
Smoothfoam tree ornament

I first sprayed a piece of the Snow Covered Glitter Trees CS with lime, metallic green, and gold sprays.  When dry, I die cut three rosette strips, accordion folded, and attached to each layer of the tree.  Simple as that.
Here is a close-up of the tree.  

If you want to make your ornament removable, as I did, you can either use removable glue dots or adhere a velcro dot to both the frame and wreath and attach to frame.  When you want to change it out, it is real simple.

I made a second ornament (snowflake) to change out as my mood suits me, or if my photograph changes.
Tap gesso over snowflake for texture and let dry.  Spray with lime and metallic green mists.  Apply a watered down bit of gesso over all and dab off excess with paper towel.  This allows the texture to show up.
Apply dew drops and diamond shaped dew drops, as shown.  Attach to frame with removable glue dots or velcro.
I hope you enjoyed my projects today.  There are so many things you can make with both the beautiful papers and dew drops from The Robin's Nest and Smoothfoam ornaments.

The blog hop today is going to work a bit differently than the usual blog hop.  It is more like a link up because we are joining the Smoothfoam design team, as well. You can win a $100 Christmas gift from the Robin's Nest and some Smoothfoam products, as well.  To enter, you will need to leave a comment and follow each blog.  This will automatically enter you for a chance to win this awesome prize.  Just click on each link shown on The Robin's Nest blog to visit each participating blog. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the rest of the hop.



  1. Love the frame, Barbara. Great technique to use the rosette die to create a Christmas Tree!

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    This is just charming - I absolutely adore the Xmas tree and have every intention of stealing the idea and using it myself!

    Lovely, as always, work!

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